Chapter 35

Haven Although it meant I had to leave Keelan on his own, this all-inclusive game of hide-and-go-seek was very amusing. Nita had found herself as a ‘prey’ initially, but wasn’t so great at hiding and had been found almost immediately. Once the hiders are found, they become searchers and Nita went wild in her pursuitContinue reading “Chapter 35”

Chapter 34

Keelan “We can’t just send him to them.” I crossed my arms over my chest, which was getting more difficult with my protruding stomach. “We may not have a choice,” Haven said flatly, both his hands gripped the steering wheel in a death grip. “Of course we have a choice,” I grumbled. “Don’t,” he said.Continue reading “Chapter 34”

Chapter 33

Haven “The ants go marching one by one, because the think that they have won,” Avery sang the altered children’s song from the other side of the cell bars. He lay on the cot, feet resting high on the cell bars, ankles crossed. The top foot bounced in rhythm to his song while his bentContinue reading “Chapter 33”

Chapter 32

Keelan “Something’s missing,” I said as I stared at my computer screen, the cursor blinking away at the end of the line stating ‘and, so, Avery was in jail, his bluff having failed’. “They’ve two dead, Avery is awaiting transport to Yellowstone, Levi is in a coma, fake Levi stole your laptop and all our paperwork,Continue reading “Chapter 32”

Chapter 31

Image by Ronald Plett from Pixabay Haven Keelan looked up at me, a small bundle of blankets in his arms. “What should we name him?” I just shook my head. It felt like I’d swallowed an egg whole and it had lodged itself in my trachea. I couldn’t speak, not because I didn’t want to,Continue reading “Chapter 31”

Chapter 30

Keelan Turns out my taking-my-bags-to-Haven’s gesture didn’t turn out quite as planned. I was back to living at Basil’s. This time, however, Haven seemed to have sort-of moved in too. Not that he actually moved anything more than a duffle bag into the house, but he hadn’t really gone home either. It seemed I wasContinue reading “Chapter 30”

Chapter 29

Haven It hadn’t been a good day. First had been the fight with Keelan, followed by news from Alex that AJ hadn’t been able to do anything for Peter. And then Victor Sinclair had shown up and been less than helpful having no useful information on top of asserting his intention to sue the departmentContinue reading “Chapter 29”

Chapter 28

Keelan “I can’t believe you’re helping Murrell, you know he’s dangerous.” Haven’s nostrils flared angrily. The others had gone inside and the neighbors had been shooed off, but we’d still walked nearly to the back of the property by the tree line for some privacy. I looked up into the trees as if hoping aContinue reading “Chapter 28”

Chapter 27

Haven I’d offered to take Keelan home as soon as I was disconnected from Raiden, dropping the rope in the storage tub where it would somehow tangle itself with the others again. You couldn’t just memorize the order for next time as the ropes, like angel statues in my brother’s favorite tv show, seemed toContinue reading “Chapter 27”

Chapter 26

Keelan There was about a month or so between Rayen and my pregnancies, but she was at least as big as me. When I’d asked her about it she’d told me you start to show earlier after your first because your muscles have already been stretched. I just took another bite of cheesecake. “Oh, thatContinue reading “Chapter 26”