Chapter 26

Keelan There was about a month or so between Rayen and my pregnancies, but she was at least as big as me. When I’d asked her about it she’d told me you start to show earlier after your first because your muscles have already been stretched. I just took another bite of cheesecake. “Oh, thatContinue reading “Chapter 26”

Chapter 25

Haven Victor Sinclair had been found by a windtech checking on the turbines at the wind farm this morning, a mere week after Murrell’s release. Victor had been beaten so badly that he’d looked dead, but when emergency services arrived they found a pulse and he’d been rushed to the hospital. I had two unis onContinue reading “Chapter 25”

Chapter 24

Keelan I had my own stool behind the counter at the Daily Grind now. I refused to use it on principal. Most of the time. I wasn’t above using it to gain sympathy points or to annoy irritating customers. We have a good staff, trained to make the best coffee. Or at least the bestContinue reading “Chapter 24”

Chapter 23

Haven “Oh, he’s definitely not dead.” The way Murrell lounged made it seem as though he were simply relaxing at a friend’s house, not quite at home but with people he knew wouldn’t or couldn’t hurt him. I ground my teeth. “How do you know?” Alex asked from his seat beside me. Alex was moreContinue reading “Chapter 23”

Chapter 22

Keelan “But-” Alex started. “He’s dead,” Haven finished for him. “He is?” I was stunned. If he was dead than I’d been freaking out over nothing. Except it wasn’t nothing. There were still bodies. On the other hand, I hadn’t heard anything about them being burned or having white phosphorous poisoning. I still didn’t buyContinue reading “Chapter 22”

Chapter 21

Haven “Where is he?” My arm was across Murrel’s chest where’d I’d slammed him against a tree. He just grimaced at me, grunted as the air whooshed from his lungs. When I’d found out that Keelan had gone into the woods alone, I’d immediately gone after him. I didn’t shift as my shoulder holster wasContinue reading “Chapter 21”

Chapter 19

Haven His hazel eyes were wide with shock as they moved from face to face finally locking with mine. I froze as if I’d looked into the eyes of a gorgon. This was like a dream and a nightmare rolled into one. This was everything I wanted, but by the look on his face, IContinue reading “Chapter 19”

Chapter 18

Keelan Apparently, the sanding I’d started working on at the Moran’s house had lead in it. Oh, joy. After I’d been sanding for a few days, lead had been discovered in the paint on the baseboards, and this had been after finding and dealing with a termite infestation, a heavy coating of black mold under the tilesContinue reading “Chapter 18”

Chapter 16

Keelan I’d wound up staying an extra night in the hospital when the hole in my back started leaking blood unexpectedly and I had to pay another visit to the OR. That had sucked. Until today. Here I was, bundled into a wheelchair on may way to stay with George where I’d be out ofContinue reading “Chapter 16”